Search for Classical Analysis and Quantum Integrable Systems

15 - 17 November 2014, Kyoto University, Japan

  • Schedule of Talks (TBA)

  • Scope and Topics:
    Classical and Quantum Integrable Models, Lie Theory and Symmetry in Physics

  • Place :
    Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University
    36-1 Yoshida-Honmachi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8510, Japan

  • Timetable:
    November 15 : Faculty of Engineering Integrated Research Bldg. Room 213 : Talks begin at AM10:30. Workshop dinner
    November 16 : Faculty of Engineering Integrated Research Bldg. Room 213 : Group photo
    November 17 : Faculty of Engineering Research Bldg. No.8 Room 3 : Talks end in the noon.

  • Map of Kyoto University
    No.53 : Faculty of Engineering Integrated Research Bldg.
    No.59 : Faculty of Engineering Research Bldg. No.8

  • Organizing Committee:
  • Takeo Kojima (Yamagata University), Satoshi Tsujimoto (Kyoto University)

    Last modified : October 29, 2014

  • List of Invited Speakers

    NAME TALK (1 hour)

    Professor Naruhiko Aizawa
    (Osaka Prefecture University)

    Title : Recent developments in representation theory of nonrelativistic conformal algebras. Abstract

    Professor Veljko Dmitrasinovic
    (Osaka University & Institute of Physics Belgrade, Serbia)

    Title : Dynamical Symmetry of quantum and classical motion of three quarks tethered to the Torricelli point Abstract

    Professor Masashi Hamanaka
    (Nagoya University)

    Title : Noncommutative ADHM Constructions and Duality Abstract

    Professor Syuhei Kamioka
    (Kyoto University)

    TBA. Abstract

    Professor Takeo Kojima
    (Yamagata University)

    Title : Vertex Operator Approach to Semi-Infinite Lattice Model: Recent Progress. Abstract

    Professor Satoru Odake
    (Shinshu University)

    Title: Solvable Discrete Quantum Mechanics: q-Orthogonal Polynomials with |q|=1 and Quantum Dilogarithm Abstract

    Professor Dmitry Polyakov
    (Sogang University, Korea & Sichuan University, China)

    TBA. Abstract

    Professor Yas-Hiro Quano
    (Suzuka University of Medical Science)

    TBA. Abstract

    Professor Igor Salom
    (Belgrade University, Serbia)

    Title : Permutation-symmetric three-particle hyper-spherical harmonics Abstract

    Professor Hiroto Sekido
    (Kyoto University)

    TBA. Abstract

    Professor Fumihiko Sugino
    (Okayama Institute for Quantum Physics)

    Title : A SUSY double-well matrix model for 2D type IIA superstring theory Abstract

    Professor Kouichi Takemura
    (Chuo University)

    TBA. Abstract

    Professor Satoshi Tsujimoto
    (Kyoto University)

    TBA. Abstract

    Professor Hiroshi Miki
    (Doshisha University)

    Title : Two-variable orthogonal polynomials and quantum state transfer model Abstract

    Professor Hiroyuki Yamane
    (Toyama University)

    TBA. Abstract